Howell School of Acting

Our Beginning

Howell School of Acting began through a thesis exploring Allan's question: 

 “The challenge to teaching comes from those pupils and students who still emerge from school, college, and even university, bored and mystified, unlikely ever voluntarily to attend a performance of a Shakespeare play, let alone read one, and who have never been moved or enthralled by Shakespeare’s poetry because they have not begun to understand it.” (1991:43) Is the solution to Allens question hiding in the younger children? Can ten year olds find a love for Shakespeare and stop this boredom and confusion that seems to set in in Senior School and college? 

The thesis took Shakespeare's "Midsummer's Nights Dream" and cast ten year olds in it. The resulting film was a fantastic success and inspired the beginning of Howell Production's Film Camps, which are held twice a year. 

The film camps success has continued to grow and requests for weekly classes grew with it. And so Howell School of Acting was created. 

The classes aim to inspire young people and help their confidence and value of self worth grow, and to provide them with the classical stories that have begun to disappear from our classrooms along with the creativity and imagination.