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The challenge to teaching comes from those pupils and students who still emerge from school, college, and even university, bored and mystified, unlikely ever voluntarily to attend a performance of a Shakespeare play, let alone read one, and who have never been moved or enthralled by Shakespeare’s poetry because they have not begun to understand it.” (1991:43) Is the solution to Allens question hiding in the younger children? Can ten year olds find a love for Shakespeare and stop this boredom and confusion that seems to set in in Senior School and college?

In 2015, Emi Howell based her Masters in Shakespeare on the above question by running our First Film Camp, Romeo & Juliet with ten year olds. 
Since then we have expanded into after school clubs around Cardiff, Saturday Performing Arts classes and our Film & Acting Camps running every Easter, Summer and Christmas.

Our aim is to Inspire Confidence and Create Leaders by encouraging our students to be the best they can be and given them the skills to do so. 

To find out more about our classes, give us a call today.

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