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Owl Performing Arts Club 

The past productions have spanned over 4 years, when our film camps were started in 2015. From Macbeth, to The Jungle Book we've done it all!

Stepping through the Wradrobe into the wonderful world of Narnia! Our Easter Film Camp saw the discovery of Narnia and the journey to our final battle that saw the defeat of the Witch Witch!

Our Premiere is scheduled for the 22nd of May and promises to be the best one yet!

Exploring the Greek Myths and Legends from the very beginning with the Titan War, to The Trojan War. Throw in a couple of Amazons, a Gorgon or two and some very jealous Greek Gods and Goddesses and you've found The Twelfth Hour. 

Adapted from Kipling's original stories The Jungle Book came alive with unique songs and dances and a few hunts thrown in for good measure. 

Peter and Wendy

Based on Barries book, Peter and Wendy was a soaring success with the introduction of green screens to our productions!

Mad Hatters, White Rabbits and Chocolate Teapots! What could be more Wonderful than Discovering Wonderland for the very first time!

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was filled with forbidden love and subterfuge. The most romantic story ever written!

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 09.56.21.png

Ghosts, Murder and a Waltz. With the original Shakespearian Script, these ten year olds blew us away! Out damned spot, Out!

The one that started it all. A Fairy's Tail was an adaptation of Shakespeare's Midsummers Nights Dream and was the basis of a Masters Thesis. With Fairys and Pucks flying around and sharing roles and a rather terrible Bottom.