COVID-19 Guidelines 

With the new rules being put into place please read the below guidelines. Please be aware some of these rules may not apply to every class/club.

Drop off and pick up
Students will be taken to a designated drop off point for each location. Parents are not to enter any building that we are working in to drop off or collect. 

Temperature Check
All students will be temperature checked upon arrival, if they are running a fever they won't be allowed into the class, a second check will be made and if they are still too hot then they will be sent home. 

If any student or family member develops corona-virus symptoms we ask that you don't bring them to class and let us know. If any students develop symptoms during class they will be sent home and all other parents will be notified. 

We are limiting adults into the space so all classes will be taken by Miss Howell only. Other teachers will not be joining us until after the risk has passed. Miss Howell will be wearing a face shield and will be social distancing. If you would like your child to wear one please let Miss Howell know. 
We are also postponing our singing class to limit spray and risk of infection. During that time we will either hold a longer Acting/Dancing class or will work on new areas such as improvisation/directing/film and media

Our space will be cleaned and disinfected directly before and after our classes. 
Hand sanitiser will be used and made available for the students - we are using Dr Brown's which is proven 99.99% effective against viruses including coronavirus and 99.999% effective against bacteria. We will also have the hand sanitiser for sale if you would like to take it home. 

If your area has gone into lockdown please inform me immediately. You won't be able to attend class until your lockdown has eased. If it does come to that we will be looking at live streaming certain classes for students unable to make it. We are currently limiting classes to under 12 year olds.